25 Reasons to be Thankful for Sports

While I was going through things in my office, I came across a folder labeled “Humor.”  I figured I would spend some time looking through and re-reading the contents of the folder for the weekend. I found an article I had saved from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram titled: 100 Reasons we are thankful for sports. I couldn’t find a date on the article but I am guessing it was a Thanksgiving Day article and on the back of the article were the TV Games listed…Friday at 10:00am UT at TAMU….Thanksgiving Day, Miami at Cowboys, we all remember how that one turned out.

You may notice some bias in the article.

  1. November 1, 1986, coming down the tunnel at Jones Stadium against the University of Texas. The birth of our two children may be the only thing that compares to that feeling that day.
  2. Two outs, bottom of the ninth, bases loaded…on the mound or the batter’s box, doesn’t matter
  3. The ivy at Wrigley Field, the Green Monster at Fenway Park, and all the old ballparks that are being replaced
  4. Staubach to Pearson, and every “Hail Mary” since
  5. Friday Night Lights, the book, not so much the movie, and definitely not the TV series.
  6. High school coaches that make lifetime positive impacts on their players.
  7. The Star Spangled Banner, especially when sang by your daughter at the opening round of the NAIA National Volleyball Tournament
  8. Tom Landry and Vince Lombardi
  9. ESPN College GameDay, I’m not sure any other group has as much fun at work as Herbie, Desmond, Rece, David and of course, Lee Corso.
  10. Selection Sunday
  11. Dick Vitale, you can’t help but get excited about college basketball when Dickie V is on TV. I heard him speak at a conference, and they had to come in twice to turn the volume down on his microphone because he was disturbing the other visitors at the hotel.
  12. Vin Scully, Verne Lundquist and Keith Jackson
  13. The back nine on Sunday at Augusta, the US Open, the Open Championship and the 17 th at TPC
  14. Jackie Robinson’s courage
  15. The 2006 Insight Bowl (Tempe, AZ) when Texas Tech spotted Minnesota a 31 point lead before coming back to win 44-41 in OT. My son Bobby kept taunting Gopher fans as we were leaving, telling them they still had hockey season to cheer about.
  16. Omaha
  17. Army vs. Navy
  18. War Eagle, seeing the eagle fly into Jordan-Hare Stadium at Auburn University in person, is something to behold.
  19. Game 7….in any sport
  20. Kick Six…I was un-packing here in Clarendon when Auburn ran a missed field goal back 109 yards to beat “that other team”
  21. March Madness and watching Cinderella blow up your bracket
  22. Hoosiers, For the Love of the Game, Bull Durham and Field of Dreams
  23. Bob Knight, Mike Krzyzewski and John Wooden
  24. To be able as a parent for your son play baseball all over the country and win the RBI World Series in Dallas and for your daughter to play volleyball in Italy wearing USA across her jersey.
  25. November 1, 2008….Graham Harrell to Michael Crabtree with 0:01 left on the clock for the upset win over #1 Texas

As we gather this Thanksgiving as families to celebrate the holiday, it is my wish for you and yours to truly look at everything we have to be thankful for. So many times in our lives, we get hung up on the things we don’t have or the things we have lost. We are truly blessed beyond what we deserve. I want to wish you and yours a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. God bless.