Corona Action Plan

As we sit out this time in our lives, I want to share something I received from a friend. It is paraphrased, or as it is also referred to, it’s been “Riza-ed.” Bryan Ward, the Head Warrior at Third Way Man, ( gave me permission to use this information. As many of you know I have never had an original idea in my life. I love the way this guy writes so be sure to check him out.

On Facebook our current situation is being referred to as being grounded for things we got away with in our teens. For some teens and children, this is their time to be grounded, in more than one way.

Here are a few things we need to be doing while we have this time in our lives. More now than during the 2008-2009 crisis, this is a time for us to seize opportunities, focus our families and use this downturn as a springboard.

  1. Create a short list of investments to buy.

I am not talking about trading, but the types of investments that change your future and your children’s. It has been said time after time to buy when there is blood in the streets, we might be getting close. Prepare the list now, gather your resources now. After the recovery starts is not the time to begin to get ready. Do it now.

  • Get your personal affairs in order.

Update your will. Many people don’t have one prepared. Write “the letter” to your wife and kids. Remind them why you love them, why you are so proud of them, say what you want them to hear after you are gone. Make a list of all financial accounts: credit cards, loans, banks. Include contact names, phone numbers, log in and passwords.  Not because COVID-19 will be your end, but life is short and something will take you out.   

  • Refocus your goals, vision and values.

Churchill said “Never waste a great crisis”. Not sure what more you need to determine what really matters in your life. Haven’t been to church in a while, this might be time to look for one to attend.  Maybe what we have been doing needs to be addressed and create a new “Why” in our life.

  • Evaluate expenses

Start evaluating everything you spend money on. Obviously we are spending more on groceries than we have, but credit cards, loans, cell phone plans, our insurance packages. A PhD Economist once told me “Riza, there is only income and expenses. Nothing else”. Look for ways to reduce the outflow.

  • Create your bunker plan

Some of us have learned what it requires for us to be home for several days. How full do you want to keep your pantry? What can you buy that has no shelf life? (insert toilet paper jokes) How much cash do you have on hand right now? People also mention guns and ammo. If you have a gun, do you have ammo?

  • Increase and diversify your income.

How many revenue streams do you have? You should increase revenue, you decrease expenses. What can you do to increase income? Is there something you have wanted to do, a side hustle, second job? I might go back to my first ever job, working in grocery store, because they can’t properly staff right now.

  • Purge your S%#$^

Go through everything now and throw away the excess you have. Gut your closet, office, garage. If you were planning to give it to your kids, give it to them. We did this when we prepared to move, pretend you are going to move. If it no longer serves a purpose, find it a new home.

  • Purge your activities

Your children have survived so far without going to three select team practices and games, to six parties a week, and other stuff. We lived our early life without three screens simultaneously working. If you have an activity that you do to relax, this is a great time to do so. You like to paint? Make some extra cash, enjoy it. I have rediscovered my humidor and scotch on the patio.

  • Check your health

Maybe you can’t get in to see your doctor this week but you already know what they will say – you need to focus on your diet and exercise more. I am not saying you should run 10 miles tomorrow morning or become vegan, but do you really need to eat a carton of Blue Bell ice cream a week? Maybe you need to get that screening procedure done you have been putting off. When normalcy returns, get a handle on your health.

  1. Start the Passion Project

Someday you want to write a novel, a play, or a book of poetry…well, get after it. You can’t use the line “when I have time” anymore – that time has arrived.

Many times in life, we make the comment about wanting to have a second chance to reset our lives. Maybe this down time is what we have been asking for.

Please let me know if I can do anything for you.