The Last 10 books I’ve read

Yes, I actually read books without pictures.   This is a list of the last 10 books I’ve read.

  1. I Declare War – Levi Lusko: written by young pastor in the Northwest US, an interesting book of stopping yourself from being your own worst enemy. Probably will read it again.
  2. Confession of a Street Addict – Jim Cramer: I just enjoy reading this one over, his autobiography of his early career and then the moves that made him the leader of Cramerica, Boo-Yah!
  3. Next Level Thinking – Joel Osteen: I think I own all of his books, this one to me is the best. I found good information that was applicable to my life.
  4. Playing for More – Case Keenum: autobiography of former Texas HS and UH quarterback. I knew his father when he was teaching/coaching at Tarleton. Great read by a strong Christian athlete, and a real good NFL quarterback
  5. Hal Moore on Leadership – Hal Moore:  Mel Gibson played him in the movie “We Were Soldiers”, excellent book on leadership from an outstanding man, husband, father, and Army General.
  6. No Limits – John C. Maxwell: Book written by one of my favorites, designed to help you not only reach your leadership capacity but blow through it. Organizations (all of them) rise and fall on their leadership, a great one to read.
  7. The Father Effect – John Finch: written as a guide to help adults deal with the absence of a father. Author’s father committed suicide and it journals the effect on his life and his own family.
  8. Its Your Damn Ship – USN Captain D. Michael Abrashoff: Must read book if you are taking over an organization that has been “less than successful”. The details will be different but it will help you look for ideas and strategies that will allow you to empower your staff and make it great.
  9. Leadership 101 – John C. Maxwell: A great book full of quotes and ideas, very easy to read and can be done on an airline flight. I spoke on it to the Golden Key Honor Society officers at Texas Tech last fall.
  10. Born to Win: Find Your Success Code – Zig & Tom Ziglar: Great book that is an easy read about setting goals and becoming the person you are supposed to be. I heard Zig speak years ago, he was authentic and just an excellent role model for all of us to learn from.